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Available at Girton, Ridgefield, Mayfield and Robert Arkenstall

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Smartkidz Holiday Clubs

Available at Girton Ridgefield and Robert Arkenstall

*There Will Be No Holiday Club This December*

Our Next Holiday Playscheme is in February 2022

Childcare vouchers accepted

“Children relish the wide range of activities provided and are very keen to attend their club.” Ofsted (Smartkidz at Robert Arkenstall)

“Children are very imaginative and put much thought into their creations.” Ofsted (Smartkidz at Ridgefield)

"Children thoroughly enjoy their time in this friendly club.” Ofsted (Smartkidz at Girton)

Our Ethos

Smartkidz Play and Learn” is out of school care with a difference.

At Smartkidz we believe that children are the masters of their own play and should therefore be free to play with as little adult intervention as possible. This means that children use their own initiative and imagination to decide how they spend their time in our clubs.

Our staff use the PARS model of playwork practice which means that they make instantaneous decisions about whether and how to intervene according to each and every different situation as it happens.

Smartkidz staff encourage children in making their own decisions about how they play and who they play with and support children in making those decisions when appropriate.”

Find out more about what we offer by reading our Parent Handbook.

We provide breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday clubs at four schools:

Is your school in need of high quality wrap around care provision?

We can offer you high-quality breakfast clubs, after school clubs or holiday clubs, depending on the needs of your school. We use PARs Playwork and areas of the Forest School approach to create a unique play experience.

To learn more about us and what we can do for your school, visit our Provision for Schools page:

Our VisionSmartkidz play and learn is a space for a child led community. We believe that the children are the masters of play and should be free to do this with little, if any, adult intervention. Play is always seen through the eyes of a child and adult intervention is decided by using a clear set of theories and techniques to keep play flow at its optimumWe believe our values, ethos and Vision aims to try and bridge the gap between the change in unsupervised play that children no longer access due to traffic and media fear.We will not be able to offer the full experience of unsupervised play but the training our staff undertake around using the correct techniques and methods to interfere with children’s play as little as possible, will help give them these experiences. ... See MoreSee Less
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Loose PartsSometimes it’s easy to look around a Smartkidz outdoor space and wonder why it’s full of old pipes, saucepans and wood. And then you see what inspirational ideas come from things that were about to be skipped! The children at the Forest school helped create this awesome drum kit to sit pride of place in our outdoor area! ... See MoreSee Less
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Children have rights! The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child contains 54 articles covering all aspects of a child's life. Visit the Unicef website to find out more about ... See MoreSee Less
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Find out more about our After School Clubs in Cambridgeshire by visiting the pages on our ... See MoreSee Less
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What impact has COVID had on children and their play? Find out by reading our blog ... See MoreSee Less
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Messages from Parents

My daughters attended Ridgefield half term club today. One is aged 4 and the other 6. They did not know any other children there so I wondered how they would get on.
Both girls returned home with handfuls of crafts they had made, full of smiles , stories about their day and eager to go back another day! They loved it!
I was pretty anxious about breakfast club and then school holidays with it being my sons 1st year of school and coronavirus putting a spanner in the works for everyone and not being able to meet anyone face to face before it all. However my son has been so happy, he asks if its breakfast club every day and is disappointed if it isn't. He also asks when he can do smartkidz all day (holiday club) he counts down and genuinely loves it.

Our girls (4 and 9) have just done 3 mornings at Girton. It's their first time at a holiday club and they absolutely loved it! So much so they have asked to go back in the Easter holidays.

Thank you very much to all the amazing staff. We will be back!

Amazing , my very busy 5 year old has just done 3 days at ridgefield holiday club and he had a fantastic time , so many activities he loved , the trip was great and very well organised , really recommend and will continue to use.

Well done to all the staff!

A great after school and holiday club. Lots of play choices and lots of outdoor fun - even in February. Enjoyed by both of my children - one who goes to GG and one who doesn't. Lots of children from other schools in holidays but everyone plays together.

Not unusual for my children to come home worn out by running around outside all day.

"Play is the business of children themselves." Paul Lambert 1974

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What Impact Has COVID Had on Children and Their Play?

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5 Reasons we Love Our Summer Holiday Club

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