Childcare in Cambridgeshire for 4 - 11 year olds

Holiday clubs - After school clubs - Breakfast clubs at Girton Glebe Primary, Cambridge, Ridgefield Primary, Cambridge and Robert Arkenstall Primary, Haddenham

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Playwork and Pars: My Training

Tom Nethercott here, Deputy Playleader at Girton talking about my recent experience of the PARS course and how it has impacted my practice here within Smartkidz. Having previously been a practitioner in settings where activities were more adult led, the PARS course was something very different to me. However, over the 3-day course I was…

Stinging Nettle Soup

During forest school today we looked at the most hated plant in your garden, the stinging nettle. When asked why do we have stinging nettles, the overruling answer was. “TO STING US!” However, according to the stinging nettle is a major part of our eco system, housing approximately 40 different species of insect from…

How Does a Playworker Advocate for Play?

The number of 5 -19 year olds being diagnosed with one or more mental health condition was recorded as 1 out of 9 children in 2017. There has been a steady increase in this area since 2004 and this is mainly down to emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety. Its not hard to see…

Summer Holiday Play Experiences Bingo + Summer Play-scheme

35 things to do outdoors this Summer: How many can you do? Smartkidz Summer Holiday Experiences Bingo With technology and electronic entertainment becoming more and more sophisticated children are finding new reasons to stay indoors. A recent study by the national trust found that children spend half the time playing outside that their parents did.…

Easter Holiday- A time to reflect


The two weeks of Easter have seen changes in weather, from cold days to the first definite signs of summer.  With this comes bees and other insects, flourishing trees and plants and fast growing grass. This has naturally offered a wide range of new play opportunities and new experiences for the children. What were open…

What are the Playwork Principles and Play Types?


The Playwork Principles These principles describe what is unique about play and playwork, and provide the playwork perspective for working with children and young people. They are based on the recognition that children and young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities. All…

Our Visit to Gulliver’s World of Adventure


On Tuesday 9th April, each of our Smartkidz settings boarded the coach for a day at Gulliver’s world of adventure. After just one hour of travelling from the centre of Cambridge we were met by the smiley staff. They soon managed to get 60 children and 14 adult from the coach and through the gates…

How Can Forest School Training be Used in a Playwork Setting?


At Smartkidz Play and Learn we have a unique approach that we have developed from years of experience and training in childcare, primary education, playwork and forest school. Our inspiration came from the beautiful environment that we developed as our first site, combined with our belief in child led play. We were fortunate enough to…

What Can You do if You Need Short Term Childcare in Cambridge?


Finding yourself without childcare at short notice can be a real nightmare. Has your annual leave been cancelled because of a work emergency? Have your usual childcare options fallen through? Sometimes even family or friends can let us down at the last minute. Did they forget to tell you that they’re away next week? Are…

Photo of Smartkidz team with their playwork award nomination

Proud to be shortlisted for the National Frontline in Playwork Award 2019. 

"Play is the business of children themselves." Paul Lambert 1974

A safe, children-centred ethos

We put the children’s safety and well-being above all else; putting their feelings and needs first in everything we do.