Ridgefield holiday playscheme summer 2021

Here are the details for the Ridgefield summer holiday playscheme. Book sessions using the form below.

Child led play and PARS- Please note that all our activities are optional to the children. At no point will we make children take part in our activities. Children that do take part in our activities are free to change, adapt or stop at any point during the activity. With “riskier” activities, such as tool use and fire use activities, discussions would be had with the children in adapting or changing these.

Messy and water play

During our holiday club, the children will take part in activities that may get their clothes wet or messy and may become spoiled. We strongly advise children are sent in old clothes. We will not discourage children to take part in these activities while they attend our setting. 

Suitable clothing and footwear 

Children will take part in a high level of physical activities while attending our play schemes. We advise children wear comfortable clothes i.e., tracksuit bottoms, T-Shirt, jumper, and coat. We also strongly advise that sensible footwear is worn i.e., trainers. A high volume of injuries from previous play schemes are a result of bad footwear. 

We also will use the outside area in all weather conditions, so we strongly advise that children are sent with warm clothing in winter and suitable clothing in summer. 

Swim wear

During the summer play scheme we take part in water activities so please send children in with Swim wear, wet shoes and a towel and a change of clothes.

Summer Week 1Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Thursday 22 JulyNature Weaving
Gather fallen leaves/ flowers and wool to weave them into place.
Make your own Tic-Tac-/toe bagLUNCHCone Scramble
How many cones can you unscramble before the other team?
Wet Chalk
Watch as the colours of chalk spread over the pavement.
Friday 23 JulyPom Pom Shooters
Simple to make and lots of fun.
Make ice-cream in a bag
Add sprinkles and sauce for some extra flavour.
LUNCHWater Jump Rope
Will you be able to jump the rope without spilling any water?
Cinema Club
Sit back and relax with your ice-cream bag.
Summer Week 2Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Monday 26 JulyMud, glorious mud!
Use nature loose parts, fallen leaves/ flowers, sticks and stones to create a mud face.
Jelli Baff fun!
Can you travel through a paddling pool full of Jelli Baff?
LUNCHNature Pictures with a bang!
Create beautiful pictures with leaves, petals and a hammer!
Den Building
Build a tent so you can hide from the bear!
Tuesday 27 JulyTrip to the park
Smartkidz will be going to the local park for a picnic and lots of group games.
LUNCHSmoothies and cupcake decorating
With an array of ingredients what will you make?
Wednesday 28 JulyGroovy Lava Lamps
As you add simple materials watch them transform into a groovy, cool lava lamp.
Carboard Roll Projector
Create a variety of different shaped shadows.
LUNCHRocket Madness
Create and design your rocket ready for it to take a place on our launch pad.
Will your rocket soar?
Thursday 29 JulyFrozen Sun-catchers
Explore and pick a range of outdoor items to create a frozen sun-catcher
Frozen Hands
Using plastic gloves, glitter, buttons, beads and any other resources you can find to create a frozen hand.
LUNCHColoured Ice-cube smash
Using a hammer to smash ice cubes into the tiniest of pieces.
Ice cream Factory
Sprinkles, sauce and ice cream cones.
Friday 30 JulyNature Crowns
What can you use to create your own royal crown?
Bug Hotels
Gather all the resources you will need to make a bug’s forever home.
LUNCHNature Café
Make a bee sugar bath, butterfly feeder and bird pizzas to feed all the bugs that visit us.
Movie Madness!
Join us for a movie and some popcorn.
Summer Week 3Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Monday 2 August
Garden Gnomes
Create your own garden gnome using terracotta pots and paints.
LUNCHAssault Courses
Can you create different types of courses using our loose parts to challenge yourselves and your friends?
Tuesday 3 August
Julia Donaldson Day!
Stick Man
Have you ever thought about creating a stick man? Well now is your chance.
Cave Baby
Find rocks and paint them cave baby style.
LUNCHThe Gruffalo
Make a Gruffalo crumble.
What will you add?
Can you help Zog to rescue the lost Princess?
Wednesday 4 AugustSummertime tea party!
Now with any tea party there is a lot of preparation involved.
From tea towel teddy bears, hats for us to wear, and DIY flowers (as centre pieces). We need to get creative.
LUNCHSummertime tea party!
Let us enjoy some scrumptious snacks, followed by games, such as musical chairs, charades and many more.
Thursday 5 August
Harry Potter Day!
Potions Class
Mix, stir, bubble, boil, fizz, bang.
Which one will your potion result in?
Charms Class
Make a wand and practice some of your own spells.
With a swish and flick.
LUNCHMuggle Quidditch
Join us for a game of quidditch (muggle style). Will you catch the snitch?
Magical Fires with butterbeer (child-friendly of course).
Friday 6 AugustGlow in the dark lanterns
Using glass jars, silhouette shapes and paint will you be able to make a lantern?
Shadow Drawing
How many amazing types of shadows can you make?
LUNCHTorch It!
Can you hide before the torch finds you!
Cinema Club
Relax after a busy week with some popcorn.
Summer Week 4Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Monday 9 AugustCan you see me?
Glow in the dark everything with face paints, silly putty, glitter and glow in the dark sand.
LUNCHGlow in the dark Gallery
Display the masterpieces from this morning in a blacked-out gallery.
Glow in the dark jars
Design your own night light.
Tuesday 10 August
Superhero Day!
Heroes Fashion
Design and make your very own superhero capes, masks and accessories.
Make them fly!
We will be giving the heroes a chance to fly around an assault course with challenges on the way.
LUNCHSuperhero Sports
Smash like Hulk,
Shoot like Spiderman,
Throw like Captain America,
Dodge like Black Widow &
Fire like Iron Man.
Wednesday 11 August
Pirate Day!
Walk the plank
Will you survive the walk, or will you swim with the gloop?
Treasure Hunt
Find the clues, complete the challenges to win the treasure.
LUNCHPirate Craft
Join us with making treasure maps, wooden legs, eye patches, pirate hats and anything else you can think of.
Smartkidz pirate ship
Altogether now with a heave and a ho lets build a pirate ship.
Thursday 12 August
Jurassic World Day!
Dinosaur Inventors
Invent your own dinosaur from teeth to claws.
Dino Eggs
Using clay make a dinosaur egg for your baby dinosaur.
LUNCHFossil Making & Hunting
Simple salt dough recipe to create your own fossils and search the hidden site for fossils.
The hunt has begun!
Can you spot and identify the dinosaur tracks whilst on our journey.
Friday 13 AugustGiant Nail Station
Smartkidz very own nail bar, can you help our busy customers with their nails.
Blind Man’s hide and seek
Use all your other senses to find your friends- no peeking allowed!
LUNCHPizza Parlour
Make your own dough and create your own pizza faces from an array of interesting ingredients
Cinema Club
Enjoy your pizzas while you watch a movie of your choice.
Summer Week 5Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Monday 16 August
Camping Day!
Build a tent using all sorts of materials.
Camping Crafts
Make a tin can lantern with a candle in it, woodchip necklace, paracord bracelet or a bow and arrow.
LUNCHDirt and Worms- Yummy!
Make a yummy snack that looks like dirt with wriggly worms in!
Magic Fires
Sit around the campfire and watch all the different colours dance in the flames and make up silly stories.
Tuesday 17 August
Kite Making
Can you create different types of courses using our loose parts to challenge yourselves and your friends?
LUNCHPond Dipping
Enter the world of ponds and see what you can discover.
What will you use to create a Smartkidz hopscotch?
Wednesday 18 August
Water Mania!
Bubble foam-water table
What can you find lurking in our bubble foam table?
Water Jump Rope
Will you be able to jump the rope without spilling any water?
LUNCHWater Park Madness
Now it is time to up the game, time to get the soapy sponges, the sprinklers, the hose and buckets.
Let us create games and have lots of fun!
Thursday 19 August
Knights and Princesses
We have to look the part what will your outfits look like?
Dragon Quest
Can you complete the quest and save the princess/ prince from the dragon?
Time for a Medieval feast fit for the knights and princesses.
With jousting competitions, jester jokes and some Medieval dances.
Friday 20 AugustRainbow Paper Spinner
Watch as the colours dance around as you spin it.
Tile Painting
Using textiles markers create a colourful tile masterpiece.
LUNCHPaper Plate Craft
Using paper plates, paint, glitter and any other resources you can find to get crafty with paper plates
Egg Carton Flowers
Get creative with a range of resources to make a beautiful flower.
Summer Week 6Morning activitiesAfternoon activities
Monday 23 AugustA day of Zen
Recover and relax, homemade face masks, nail painting, hand massages, and relaxation bottles.
LUNCHZen tangle artwork
Tricky, yes but impossible, never!
Nature Yoga
Let us relax altogether within the environment they love!
Tuesday 24 AugustSock Bunnies
Use a range of resources to make an adorable sock bunny.
Clothes Pin Tag
With a twist of football and traditional tag join us for a game of clothes pin tag.
LUNCHPuppet Bonanza
Strings, wooden pegs, materials and anything else you can find to create a puppet.
Puppet Show
Will your puppet steal the show?
Wednesday 25 AugustPainting with bubbles
Bubble painting is so much fun. The children can look at how the colour mix and blend together.
Bubble Snake Maker
Can you create your own bubble snake?
LUNCHHomemade bubble wrap roller
Roll up the bubble wrap and watch the patterns form onto paper.
Bubble Mania
Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere. Use a range of bubble equipment to make lots of bubbles.
Thursday 26 AugustNo brushes allowed
Splat painting, spaghetti painting, water gun painting, cotton wool toss painting. So many ways to paint who knew!
LUNCHMessy Twister
Slipping and sliding do not fall on our messy twister mat.
Messy Races
Your favourite sports day races with a messy twist.
Friday 27 August
Sports Day!
Smartkidz Golf Course
Create a Smartkidz mini golf course. What obstructions will you design and overcome.
Beach volleyball
A large game of volleyball with beach balls.
LUNCHCapture the flag
Can you capture the other team’s flag without being caught?
Film Friday
Sit back and watch a film with some orange fizzy (orange juice and fizzy water).
Summer Week 7Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 30 AugustBANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 31 AugustFairground Games
Hook a duck Ring Toss
Coconut Shy
Shooting Tins with nerf guns
Bean Bag Toss
Make some Cotton Candy and Homemade Ice LolliesLUNCHCircus Workshop
Our big top circus workshop encourages movement, coordination and balance skills through circus skills from juggling to tight rope walking.
Wednesday 1 September
Spray Paint Art
Design your own stencils and create master pieces with spray paints.
LUNCHShiny Mud Balls
We are going to attempt to make shiny mud! Can we really make shiny mud?
Create amazing pictures using natural resources and the sun.
Thursday 2 September
Back to School Day!
Pencil Cases and P.E bags
Design and create a pencil case or P.E. bag ready for school to start!
Make a bookmark for your favourite book.
Traditional playground games
Friday 3 SeptemberAmerican Drive in!
Frist things first we need a car!
Design and model a 3D car created out of anything and everything!
Secondly, we need snacks.
Get busy making popcorn boxes and pic n mix snacks.
Movie Time
Get comfy and relax after all your hard work designing your very own drive through.


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Ridgfield Summer 2021 (#8)

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