Our Visit to Gulliver’s World of Adventure

On Tuesday 9th April, each of our Smartkidz settings boarded the coach for a day at Gulliver’s world of adventure. After just one hour of travelling from the centre of Cambridge we were met by the smiley staff. They soon managed to get 60 children and 14 adult from the coach and through the gates within an impressive 15 minutes.

There was an exciting buzz the minute we stepped into the park and we were greeted with a dance show by the Gulliver’s mice, Gully and Gilly. They were in a small area consisting of their vintage merry go round, quirky buildings, cafes and shops. Behind them was Gulliver’s palace towering high above the park.

The show had all ages watching and joining in. You could soon see, from the smiles on the children’s faces, that the excitement was building, and they were eager to explore further. The show finished and the ribbon was cut to officially open the park, children were in their small groups and into the park they went.

 My daughter has had the best day!!! She has just been telling me about how many times they went on the log flume!! I almost thought she was exaggerating… Thanks for another fantastic Smartkidz day trip!!

Smartkidz Parent

Most of the rides were suitable for all ages and the park staff did an amazing job. They managed to get the smaller children and the bigger children on the rides together to make the life of our staff a lot easier and safer. This topped with the lack of queuing meant that the ride experience for the children, and staff was fantastic and made the trip run effectively and smoothly.

Lunchtime came and the cold weather put the children off wanting to eat outside. We decided to ask the staff of Gullivers if we would be able to eat our lunch indoors. Although we weren’t buying food from their restaurant or cafes they were more than accommodating and gave us ample indoor space. This, again, made our experience a lot more hassle free.

My daughter had a great day thank you!

Smartkidz Parent

From log flumes, flying hot air balloons, drop zones and dodgems the children enjoyed ride after ride and always came off with a smile on their faces shouting, “again, again”! It was a truly great experience for the children and adults (who we know secretly enjoyed having to go on each ride 5 or 6 times).

At the end of a magical and fun filled day the children visited the shops before leaving. There was a huge range of toys including dinosaurs, knights, castles and slime making kits. There was also an amazing array of sweets, chocolates lollies and bubble gums. The Gulliver’s staff were on hand again, showing amazing patience while the children counted out their coins to pay.

Overall our Gulliver’s trip was a fantastic experience made easier by welcoming, accommodating and friendly staff happy to go out of their way to make our time better.

We will definitely be attending again!

Thank you to everyone who went to Gullivers supervising the children today. My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to go again.

Smartkidz Grandparent