Girton holiday playscheme summer 2021

Here are the details for the Girton summer holiday playscheme. Book sessions using the form below.

Child led play and PARS- Please note that all our activities are optional to the children. At no point will we make children take part in our activities. Children that do take part in our activities are free to change, adapt or stop at any point during the activity. With “riskier” activities, such as tool use and fire use activities, discussions would be had with the children in adapting or changing these.

Messy and water play

During our holiday club, the children will take part in activities that may get their clothes wet or messy and may become spoiled. We strongly advise children are sent in old clothes. We will not discourage children to take part in these activities while they attend our setting. 

Suitable clothing and footwear 

Children will take part in a high level of physical activities while attending our play schemes. We advise children wear comfortable clothes i.e., tracksuit bottoms, T-Shirt, jumper, and coat. We also strongly advise that sensible footwear is worn i.e., trainers. A high volume of injuries from previous play schemes are a result of bad footwear. 

We also will use the outside area in all weather conditions, so we strongly advise that children are sent with warm clothing in winter and suitable clothing in summer. 

Swim wear

During the summer play scheme we take part in water activities so please send children in with Swim wear, wet shoes and a towel and a change of clothes.

Summer Week 1Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Thursday 22 JulyMake your own ice lolly!
Have lots of fun using a variety of different flavoured juices to make your very own ice lolly.
Piñata fun

What’s inside the llama? Use all your strength to reveal exciting treats inside!
LUNCHPicnic at the park
Enjoy your homemade ice lolly and other yummy treats at our park picnic!
Challenge treasure hunt
Find the clues, complete the challenges to win the treasure!
Friday 23 JulyHook-a-duck

How many ducks can you capture? Prizes to be won!
Bubble foam-water table
What can you find lurking in our bubble foam table?
LUNCHThe big slip slide & water balloon extravaganza
Using a large plastic sheet of water and soap, how far can you slide? Plus water balloon fun!
Summer Week 2Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 26 JulyMagic bean plants

Plant your own magic bean plant and take it home to watch it grow and grow!
Wet chalk
Watch as the colours of chalk spread over the pavement.
LUNCHNo brushes allowed!
Splat painting, spaghetti painting, water gun painting, cotton wool toss paining, so many ways to paint without a brush, who knew!
Tuesday 27 JulyBoUnCy CaStlE dAy


LUNCHDirt and worms -Yummy!
Make a yummy snack that looks just like dirt with wiggly worms in!
What’s in the box?
Will you dare to put your hand in Smartkidz mystery boxes?
Wednesday 28 JulyRiver rapids
See how long you can build your own tinfoil river and build the banks up with mini trees, houses, bridges crossing over then make a boat and see if it will travel all the way to the end…
Make your own cave!

Cool down from the sizzling sun in your
very own cardboard cave!

Bubbles, music and games!
Thursday 29 JulyPebble & shell painting
Choose your favourite pebbles & shells to paint from our exciting beachy collection
Soapy sea foam
Help make a big vat of sea foam and see what sea creatures you can find hidden by the foam!
Get into teams and create your own mini beaches to showcase your pebbles, shells and boats!
Ice cream parlour

Decorate your own ice creams with lots of yummy decorations.
Friday 30 JulyRainforest bingo
See which exotic animals could win you a game of bingo!
Playdough creepy crawlies!
Make your own playdough creepy crawly using cornflour, pipe-cleaners, googly eyes and more!
LUNCHNatural colouring tie-dye
Create funky T-Shirts with natural colourings!
Cinema club

Relax after a busy week with some yummy popcorn.
Summer Week 3Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 2 August
Wood Cookie Art
Create a geometric pattern with nails and weave it with wool to create beautiful pictures on a wood cookie
Shiny mud balls!
We are going to attempt to make shiny mud!
Can we really make shiny mud?
LUNCHLarge scale woodwork
Let’s see what we can build with crates, planks of wood, screwdrivers and screws. Adam will work alongside the children in making whatever crazy ideas they come up with from forts, pirate ships, houses and towers!
Tuesday 3 AugustCreate wooden stamps
Hammer different shapes into wooden blocks to create your own stamps and then make fantastic stamp pictures or use it in salt dough to make great patterns!
Leaf and petal printing
Create beautiful pictures with leaves, petals, and hammer!
LUNCHSpray Paint art
Design your own stencils and create master pieces with spray paints.
Wednesday 4 AugustMessy races!
Your favourite sports day races with a messy twist!
Water balloon sack race
Race in sacks and see who can pop the water balloon first!
LUNCHWater jump rope
Will you be able to jump the rope without spilling any water?
Make your own Tic-Tac Toe in a bag
Thursday 5 AugustJelli Baff paddling pool
A paddling pool full of Jelli Baff
Beach Ball Volleyball
A large game of volleyball with beach balls!
LUNCHChallenge treasure hunt
Find the clues, complete the challenges to win the treasure!
Pizza Parlour
Make your own dough and create your own pizza faces from an array of interesting ingredients!
Friday 6 AugustSolar Ovens
Make your own solar oven and when it is ready, cook some smores in the oven for your snack!
Blind man’s Hide and Seek
Use all your other senses to find your friends – no peeking allowed!
LUNCHAngry Birds!
No Technology required for this one! Make a huge sling shot and stack up boxes to knock down and scare points!
Cinema Club
Popcorn and Fizzy Orange
(Orange squash and fizzy water)
Summer Week 4Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 9 AugustCamping!
Build a tent inside or outside from a variety of exciting materials.
Ice cream

Chill with your friends in your homemade tent and enjoy a yummy ice cream to cool you down from the sizzling sun.
LUNCHCamping crafts
Make a tin can lantern, woodchip necklace, paracord bracelet, or a bow and arrow!
Magic fire
Watch all the different colours dance in the flames around the campfire and make up silly stories!
Tuesday 10 AugustWater mania
Play in the sprinkler, roll around on our handmade water blob and slip ‘n’ slide on our water slide with an added bit of slippery fun! (washing up liquid)
LUNCHWater mania GAMES!
Water balloon piñata, water balloon volleyball, and water balloon hot potatoes!
Wednesday 11 AugustBoUnCy CaStlE dAy

LUNCHAn afternoon of zen…

Recover and relax with homemade face masks, relaxation bottles and calming playdough.
Thursday 12 AugustMessy days are here again!
Requested by the kids!

A huge slime extravaganza! Make your own SLIME TANKS for games and adventures!
LUNCHMessy days are here again!
Requested by the kids!
Who can create the most imaginative cupcake in Smartkidz BATTLE OF THE CAKES?
Messy days are here again!
Requested by the kids!
Messy food challenge time! Ranging from pie or cake faces to baked beans in wellies.
Friday 13 AugustSun paper art
Let the sun create you a picture using solar paper, twigs, leaves and flowers or whatever else you can find…
Nature café!
Make a bee sugar bath, butterfly feeder and bird pizzas to feed all the bugs that come along to your café!
LUNCHTrust trails
Make a huge obstacle course running inside and outside and see if you can make it all the way around blindfolded with the help of a trusty friend
Bug Hotels
Gather all the resources you will need to make the bugs a forever home.
Summer Week 5Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 16 August
Smartkidz Golf Course
Create Smartkidz very own mini golf course. What obstructions will you design and overcome?
LUNCHMessy Twister
Try not to fall on our messy twister mat!
Lava Lamps

Watch as simple items transform into a cool lava lamp!
Tuesday 17 August
Rocket Madness
Create and design your own rocket, ready for it to take a place on our launch area. Will your rocket soar?
LUNCHCardboard Roll Projector

Create a variety of different shaped shadows…
Lava Lamps

Watch as simple items transform into a cool lava lamp!
Wednesday 18 August Fossils

Simple salt dough recipe to create your very own fossils.
Nature Weaving
Gather fallen leaves/ flowers and use wool to weave them into place
LUNCHPond Dipping
Enter the world of
ponds and see what
you can discover!
Dinosaur Eggs

Use playdough to make a dinosaur egg for a baby dinosaur
Thursday 19 AugustAssault Courses
Can you create different types of courses using our loose parts to challenge yourselves and your friends? Watch out for the laser course, you would not want to be ZAPPED!
LUNCHShadow Drawing
How many amazing types of shadow can you make?
Glow in the dark lanterns
Using glass jars, silhouette shapes and paint, will you be able to make a lantern?
Friday 20 AugustCan you see me?
Glow in the dark everything i.e. face paint, silly putty, glitter and glow in the dark sand!
LUNCHGlow in the dark Jars!
Create your very own night light!
Cinema Club
Relax after a busy week with some yummy popcorn, and use your glow lamps to create an awesome cinema experience.
Summer Week 6Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 23 AugustFestivals around the world
(Dia De Los Muertos)
Make your very own wooden spoon sugar skulls.
Festivals around the world
(Yi Peng Lantern Festival)
Make your own floating lantern!
LUNCHFestivals around the world
(August Moon Festival)
Use your artistic side with theatre performances, poetry and concerts.
Festivals around the world
(Holi - Festival of Colour)
A celebration of colour! Go wild in a traditional coloured-powder-throwing party!
Tuesday 24 August“We could be hero’s just for one day”
Every superhero needs a full outfit! Make your own shield, superhero cuff, headband and CAPE!
Escape rooms
Can our very own Smartkidz superheroes beat the challenges they will face?
We will see in our very own escape rooms!
LUNCHMake them fly!
Using your superhero skills, fly around the school on an exciting assault course.
Parachute fun

End the day with exciting parachute games!
Wednesday 25 AugustWaterpark madness
Make your own MASSIVE waterslide that you can enjoy for the whole day!
LUNCHWaterpark madness
Time to get the soapy sponges, the sprinklers and the water games!
Thursday 26 AugustKS2 Bubble: BMX with world champion BMX stunt man Mike Mullen

Learn some cool tricks and stunts while improving self-esteem, confidence and “give it a go” attitude!
additional £8

KS1 Bubble: Pirate Themed Fun & Games
Walk the plank, find buried treasure and make your own pirate ship in this pirate-themed party!
LUNCHPom pom shooters
Simple to make and lots of fun!
Torch It
Can you hide before the torch finds you?
Friday 27 AugustAmerican drive in CINEMA!
Design your own 3D car created out of anything and everything!
Pencil case decoratingLUNCHAmerican drive in CINEMA!
Popcorn and snacks
Summer Week 7Morning activitiesLUNCHAfternoon activities
Monday 30 AugustBANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 31 AugustHopscotch
What will you use to create a Smartkidz own hopscotch?
Mud faces
Use nature loose parts, fallen leaves/ flowers, sticks and stones to create a mud face.
LUNCHBubble snake maker
Can you create your own bubble snake?
Cone scramble
How many cones can you unscrambled the cones before the other team?
Wednesday 1 SeptemberSock bunnies
Use a range of resources to make an adorable sock bunny!
Clothes pin tag
With a twist of football and traditional tag, join us for a game of clothes pin tag…
LUNCHPuppet Bonanza
Stings, wooden pegs, materials and anything else you can find to create a puppet
Cinema afternoon
That’s a wrap! Relax after a fun filled summer with a film and some popcorn. Ready to start school in the morning!


Fill out this form to book your child onto the holiday playscheme.
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Girton Summer 2021

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Full day: 8:00am-6:00pm
AM sessions: 8:00am-1:00pm
PM session 1:00pm-6:00pm

Smartkidz Play and Learn will offer the children 2 snacks throughout the day and fresh fruit and squash

We do not send out confirmation of bookings, we will only contact you if there is an issue with your booking.

I agree to abide by all policies and procedures that have been put in place for Smartkidz Play and Learn Ltd (Please ask if you would like to view any of our policies and procedures). I am aware that my child cannot attend if they have not completed a Smartkidz Play and Learn registration form and that this must be completed and past on to the club management prior to my child’s attendance. I understand that late fees are in place and will apply accordingly (this includes late half day pickups).