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Girton Christmas holiday playscheme 2019

Here are the details for the Girton Christmas holiday 2019 playscheme.

Child led play and PARS- Please note that all our activities are optional to the children. At no point will we make children take part in our activities. Children that do take part in our activities are free to change, adapt or stop at any point during the activity. With “riskier” activities, such as tool use and fire use activities, discussions would be had with the children in adapting or changing these.

 Morning activitiesLunchAfternoon activities
Friday 20 DecWooden reindeer making

Learn new skills with a range of tools to make a log reindeer to take home
Natural Christmas decorations.

Christmas games and a candy cane hunt.
Campfire with hot chocolate, smore’s and Christmas songs.
Monday 6 JanPlay dough making.Para cord bracelet making.Indoor camping
Create indoor tents, caramel campfire cupcakes, torches and lantern making.
Cinema club

Popcorn and a film

Fill out this form to book your child onto the holiday playscheme.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already completed one, please complete a Smartkidz Play and Learn registration form in addition to holiday club form


Holiday Club Registration Form Haddenham - Christmas 2019
What year at school is the child currently in?

Please complete the following section if your child is currently in pre school or in their first year of primary school.

You know your child better then we do and need your expert help with supporting us to develop and support your child. Although we allow free, child led play for your child, we are constantly making changes or offering new experiences for your children to help with these developments.
The questions below will help us to have a better understanding of your child and give us some help with supporting your child’s development.

What language(s) does your child speak/understand? Does your child ask questions? Does your child listen and follow instructions? Is there any other area of communication and language you would like to tell us about?
Can your child, walk, run, climb, jump, ride a pedal trike, throw, catch, kick a ball, use scissors, build with bricks? Does your child have an interest in any specific sports? Are they adventurous? Have understanding of safety during physical activities i.e. tree climbing? Des your child have a preferred hand they use? Do you have any other areas you are concerned about regarding your child’s physical development?
How does your child cope with managing their own needs i.e. toileting, dressing, talking about how they feel etc…? Does your child get on with other children independently? Do they prefer adult interaction? Will they settle into Smartkidz quickly? What special interests do they have? Are there any other areas you are concerned about regarding their social and emotional development?